SDW Team

Sheila Donio

Strengthening the work of many teams since 2004, Sheila is a graduate and an accredited teacher of the Centre for Playback Theatre, with a certificate in "Teaching Playback for Beginners." Her studies include "Spontaneity and the Group Process," "Playback Theatre in Situations of Trauma," and "Leadership." A theater actress, director, and workshop facilitator, with extensive experience since 1992, both in Brazil and in the United States, Sheila is the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Centre for Playback Theatre.

After being part of two Brazilian Playback Theatre companies working primarily with corporations, she traveled across the United States in 2008 as a guest actress in American companies. In the same year, she became a trainee in Arts and Social Transformation at Brandeis University, in Massachusetts. Sheila now visits many countries facilitating workshops and performing with Playback Theatre companies and is the Artistic Director and main conductor of Cria Playback.

Click here to watch a TV interview with Sheila Donio about Playback Theatre (in Portuguese).

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