Supervision for Playback Theatre Companies

The more we study Playback Theatre, the more we discover how much there still is to learn and to dive into.

In a supervision program there are many different themes to be worked on, depending on the need the group has at the moment. Some examples are:

  • Strengthening the ritual
  • Aesthetics of the forms
  • Conducting
  • Creating metaphors
  • The use of music by the whole group
  • Study of the arc of show (with options of openings and closings)
  • Different possibilities for the structures of the scenes
  • Character building
  • Analysis of the red thread of the stories
  • Different aspects of a story (personal, collective, social and cultural, and its archetypes)
  • Awareness of the social elements of the stories and of the performances
  • Connection of the members of the group - What are each one's roles and responsibilities?

The supervision can be momentary, through a workshop with a specific theme; it can be continuous, with meetings in person and through video conference calls; and it can focus on advice and feedback about the group's performances.

The workshop sessions last at least 4 hours and are offered to groups with a minimum of 5 playbackers, that can be from the same company or not.

Tell us what your company wishes to work on and we will send you a project of supervision and improvement, designed especially for you!


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