What is Playback Theatre?

"Whether in theaters, workshops, educational or clinical settings,
Playback Theatre draws people closer as they see their common humanity."

(Jonathan Fox)

Playback Theatre is an original form of improvisational theater where members of an audience or a group spontaneously share personal stories and watch them enacted on the spot by actors and musicians. The goal of this technique is to offer a safe space where these stories can be shared and respected, without being judged, offering a moment for people to listen to each other and identify with one another, strengthening those groups.


With a diverse range of influences from improvisational theater to oral traditions of story telling, in 1974 Jonathan Fox had the idea of developing with his wife, Jo Salas, a new form of theater: a theater of neighbors, an open and safe space for stories to be shared and recreated on stage. Playback Theatre is then founded!

Since the establishment of the original company in 1975, to this day, Playback Theatre can be found in over 60 countries and is offered in different settings: hospitals, schools, universities, corporations, social institutions, prisons, and others.
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