Cria Playback Cast


Anna Melo

Graduated from School of Actors Wolf Maya in theater, TV, and films. Also a Marketing graduate of Cásper Líbero College. She has taken the workshops "The Poetic Body" and "Let's Talk About Love" with Sebastien Brottet-Michel, from Théâtre du Soleil. Anna has been an actress in nine theater productions, seven university short films, and three TV commercials. She has been an assistant producer and assistant director in short films and theater plays. In dance, she is experienced in musical jazz, ballroom dance, and ballet.

André Sakajiri

A graduate of Teatro-Escola Célia Helena, 2006, he has acted in short films and has done voice over for the American channel TLC. In theater André has a wide and diverse experience, having performed dramas, comedies, children plays, and musicals. He is also a singer and a musician with over 20 years of experience. In dance, he has performed jazz, flamenco, street dance, and he currently studies circus and aerial silk.

Bernardo Martins Maito

Musician, actor, and composer. He has studied acting and music at the Centre for Playback Theatre. He has researched and worked with Playback since 2011 in different companies in Curitiba and São Paulo. Bernardo is a musician and sound designer also in traditional theater productions. He has facilitated training on communication and creativity in many institutions and corporations.

Daniele Kalil

Actress, psychologists, and psychodramatist. She met Playback Theatre in 2009 in a special class at the University PUC-PR, and started working with this type of theater in 2011. At the Centre for Playback Theatre, Daniele has taken "Psychodrama for Playbackers" and" The Climax". In 2017, she started studying music and singing. 


Débora Serroni

She has started her studies at Casa de Cultura Dinorath do Valle, in the city of São José do Rio Preto, later moving to São Paulo where she graduated from the Wolf Maya School of Actors, and from Anhembi Morumbi University on Radio and TV. Débora has been an actress in five theater productions and two short films. Recently, she started tap dancing lessons and has taken acting workshops with Zé Henrique de Paula and Denise Weinberg.


Natália Jorge

Professional actress, graduated from the Wolf Maya School of Actors, in São Paulo. She has been part of five theater productions and four movie projects. Natália also has taken clowning, singing, and dance workshops.

Pedro Bonacin

Pedro is an actor, art educator, and assistant director. A graduate of the courses at Pé no Palco Theater School - Curitiba-PR in 2003, he has been an actor in 27 theater plays and have assisted directed over 50 performances.

Sheila Donio

The Artistic Director and founder of Cria Playback, Sheila is a graduate, accredited trainer, and the current president of the Board of Directors of the Centre for Playback Theatre. An actress, theater director, and workshop facilitator, with extensive experience since 1992, both in Brazil and abroad, having been part of many Playback companies. 

Thiago Mique

Professional actor and psychologist, Thiago teaches theater classes and workshops in Curitiba-PR. He is a graduate of the Centre for Playback Theatre and he also researches dramaturgy and original contemporary staging, physical theater (Viewponts), and different languages of improv. He currently studies acrobatics.

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